Can You Still Find A Company Willing To Stand 100% Behind Their Work? YES!

Many home remodeling companies (in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas, and across the country) offer either a 1 year labor warranty or no labor warranty at all. There are a few that offer 5 year labor warranties.

Almost none offer what we do – a matching labor warranty. For example, if your product comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, we give you a lifetime warranty on our labor. That means that if anything goes wrong during the time you live in your home, and it is because of an installation error, we will come and correct it at our expense.

Some Straight Talk About Warranties

There is some confusion out there about warranties, and we think homeowners are often not given enough information to understand what is really covered.

For example, be sure to understand the terms of both the manufacturer’s warranty on the product AND your contractor’s labor warranty on workmanship. Home improvement companies that have either a skimpy labor warranty or no labor warranty at all often skip over this difference and put all the emphasis on the manufacturer’s warranty.

A manufacturer’s warranty is important to have, but the truth is 97% or more of problems in home improvement for Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas come from poor installation, not defective products.

So a warranty that only covers the product itself does not apply to the overwhelming majority of cases involving failure or other issues. That is why we give you our own additional labor warranty – so you are fully protected.

Another common warranty misunderstanding comes from the phrase “Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty” on the product itself. What many fail to properly spell out is that these warranties are usually prorated, so as the years go by, the amount that manufacturer will give you for replacement gets less and less. Towards the end of these lifetime warranties you will likely be getting 10% or less of the true cost of replacement.

Of course, we can’t do anything about the terms of a manufacturer’s warranty – it’s their warranty and it is what it is. But we try to protect homeowners in two ways:

  1. We never try to hide the real terms of the warranty and…
  2. We only install reputable products from proven companies.

We’d love to talk to you about warranties and give you the truth about how they work – and also give you a chance to ask us questions about our outstanding matching labor warranty. Contact us to get started.