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Homelife Roofing & Remodeling uses the best products, premium installation crews, real warranties… and you get the best results.

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      in Hyattstown, MD

      Homelife Roofing & Remodeling uses the best products, premium installation crews, real warranties… and you get the best results.

      Roofing Backed By Real Warranty Protection

      Roof replacement is a serious investment in your home. This is something you want to be absolutely sure to get right the first time. The good news is that it’s possible to get the best materials, top-notch installation, and real warranty coverage for a reasonable price.

      The whole key is to find the right residential roofing company in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas, one that uses proven products and has been certified as a top installer. So if the idea of getting a new roof seems a little overwhelming, remember it really boils down to one simple decision…

      Can I trust this company to get my roof replacement done – and done right? Homeowners trust us because we know the three crucial ingredients to a great roof:

      Proven Materials + Certified Installers + Super-Strong Warranty
      Roofing Services:
      • Roofing Removal & Replacement
      • Re-Roofing
      • Slate Removal & Replacement
      • Cedar Shake Roofing Removal
      • Plywood Replacement
      • Commercial Roofing

      Proven Materials

      We are a residential roofing company for Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas that refuses to use cheap materials to save a little money up front, because inferior materials are a terrible long-term value. Poor products will lead to you having to replace your roof again – sometimes in as little as 10 years. Poor products can also mean costly repairs and maintenance.

      We solve this problem by using GAF products. GAF has been around for more than a century and is the largest roofing manufacturer in North America. In other words, their track record is 100% PROVEN.

      One thing we love about GAF is they are about more than just shingles. So many roofing companies in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas talk only about shingle quality. And shingle quality is important, and GAF has best quality shingles. But a roof is actually a system, and every part of that system is important.
      All GAF products are top quality and are created to work together to form rock-solid protection for your home.

      The Homelife Roofing & Remodeling and GAF Advantage

      • Installation:
        There is one day that is the more important than any other day in the life of your roof – installation day! Getting the details right during installation is an absolutely crucial factor in avoiding roof failure and other serious problems.That’s why we insist all our installers adhere to a ‘no-shortcuts, every-detail-matters’ policy when it comes to roof installation for Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas. And we know how to do it right because we are certified by GAF to properly install their roofing systems.
      • The Warranty:
        In the home improvement industry, it is quite common to hear about long – even lifetime – warranties. But there are two problems with these kind of warranties. For one, when you read the details you discover that your protection is heavily pro-rated.This means that if the product fails after a certain time, you will have to pay a percentage for the repair – it is simply not 100% covered after a period of time. And the coverage gets less and less over time.The other problem is that most warranties only cover product defects – they don’t typically cover issues that arise from installer error. And 97% of roof failure issues have to do with installation mistakes. In other words, labor warranty protection is important! At Homelife Roofing & Remodeling, we solve both these problems. Our System Plus warranty allows you to choose 50 year non-prorated protection for your shingles. We also offer our own special labor warranty. So if your roof has a problem because of a manufacturer defect, you are covered by the System Plus warranty. And if your roof fails or has an issue because of an installation error, you are covered by our labor warranty for as long as you live in your home.
      • GAF Certification:
        GAF certifies top-quality roofing companies to install their roofs using the exact recommended techniques and procedures. These are prescribed down to the smallest detail – even how many nails to use for each shingle and the recommended placement for each nail. It also covers the “big stuff,” like how to make sure a roof is properly ventilated. Our certification also allows us to offer extra warranty protection that other residential roofing companies in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas cannot. Only certified roofing companies are authorized to offer the System Plus Warranty.

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